artisan made
natural funeral shrouds 
printed with botanicals in aotearoa new zealand

Haere mai, welcome

Ake Ake Shrouds offers an environmentally friendly, graceful and affordable option to all New Zealanders with a collection of pure cotton, linen and silk shrouds & funerary accessories. Each unique piece has been individually hand crafted with a beautiful aesthetic in gentle colours and distinct plant prints by Northland textile artist Karen Williamson. 


"I have created these simple wrap style shrouds for those concerned about the impact of funerals on mother earth, and for families and friends who wish to be personally involved in the sacred act of shrouding their deceased loved one."

Ngā mihi nui, Karen Williamson

Shroud maker and natural dyer.


dress for eternity 
wrapped simply and gently in soft natural fabrics,
just you and the quiet earth

What is a natural Funeral Shroud?

A funeral shroud is simply a large piece of cloth used to envelope the deceased person in preparation for burial or cremation. The cloth is folded around and secured in place, with ties, to provide dignity. We feel less familiar or comfortable with the use of shrouds since coffins and caskets have become commonplace, however shrouding is a cultural and religious practice that has existed for centuries around the world.

A natural shroud then, is made from natural sustainably sourced and renewable fabrics; cotton, linen, wool, silk or hemp. These fibres biodegrade relatively quickly into the earth integrating with nature's ecosystem. The pressing need to protect our environment is leading a global movement towards more eco friendly funeral options. Ake Ake Shrouds is dedicated to using biodegradable materials and plant dyes, sourced sustainably and locally where possible. The creative technique is zero waste, leaving the lightest of footprints.


This is an environmentally conscious choice for natural disposition and one that meets New Zealand's requirements for burial in a natural burial ground.


The ritual of washing and shrouding the body is

 both empowering and uplifting for those taking part.


It's a beautiful gift, leaving your family the knowledge of what you would like for your funeral. Being prepared is everything but it takes courage, and hard mahi, to make those preparations for many reasons. I am here to answer questions, share information and nurture you through the decision making process when it comes to purchasing a shroud. After all, it's a once in a life time experience. The hows and whys, the logistics, the finances, those are some things that you may need clear in your mind before making that commitment. If I can help you gain clarity, or support you in any way then please, get in touch.

DIY Shroud making

Would you like to be guided in making your own eco dyed funeral shroud?  I am honoured to offer you the opportunity to work alongside myself in creating something exceptional and personal. Perhaps gather friends and whānau around to join in the journey, making memories as you bring your shroud to life. Contribute plants of significance to you. This is art with soul and purpose, a time of celebration that will strengthen your funeral preparedness.

Begin that conversation, no obligation, no pressure and at no extra cost by getting in contact for a kōrero.


Ake Ake - 'for ever and ever'