Haere mai - welcome to Ake Ake Shrouds

(Ah-keh ah-keh)


Ake Ake Shrouds is a small business based in Northland New Zealand offering a bespoke collection of pure silk, linen and cotton funeral shrouds. Each shroud has been individually hand dyed with local and sustainably sourced plants infused with permanent leaf imprints in organic colours. The range of hand made simple shrouds offer all New Zealanders the choice of an environmentally friendly, reverent and affordable option for death care. In particular, these shrouds have been designed for those concerned about the impact of death on mother earth, or for families who wish to take the empowering step of actively taking part in the shrouding process.

Why Ake ake? 

Ake ake is one of New Zealand's native evergreens traditionally used by Māori for it's hard wood in carving objects.

In Te Reo Māori, Ake ake means 'for ever and ever' or 'for ever more', and the word ake means to move upward or forward. In the eco printing technique the leaves yields the most detailed and beautiful of imprints in vibrant yellows, greens and sometimes with purple highlights. The colour itself is uplifting. It's one of my favourite plants to feature in my botanical work, reflecting our landscape in Aotearoa.


This website for Aotearoa's first artisan crafted & botanically dyed funeral shrouds is a work in progress. Please bear with me while I'm on this part of my creative journey. The collection of unique shrouds will be available for purchase mid 2022 directly through the online shop. In the meantime, I have a limited bespoke collection available and welcome your email or phone enquiry about options, prices and delivery.  Feel free also to contact me with any questions or comments regarding the shrouds and the natural dyeing process.

    Ngā mihi nui, Karen Williamson - shroud maker & natural dyer.

Ake ake shrouds are:
  • Made in Aotearoa from local botanicals

  • 100% biodegradable natural fabrics

  • Compliant with natural burial regulations

  • Can be made for adult, angel baby, child and pet sizes.

  • Simple to use.

  • Suitable for either burial or cremation

  • Individually designed with a unique aesthetic

  • In keepsake pouch with ribbons & instructions


Aotearoa Made

Based in the Kaipara region of Northland, Ake Ake shrouds is a New Zealand owned cottage business. In the process of my work I strive to support other local businesses and community initiatives.

Family Led Funerals

The simple traditional shroud design enables those families who wish it, to participate in preparing their loved one in for the funeral. For many people, taking part in death care is an uplifting and emotionally healing process.

A Dyeing Art

I offer you the opportunity to be part of the creative journey. Join the artist in dyeing a ready made shroud for yourself or other using plants that hold personal significance. Maximum 2 persons, this is art with soul and purpose.

Artisan crafted

Each shroud is individually artisan dyed. The gentle muted palette and exclusive leaf prints derived from plants create a reverent aesthetic reflecting the natural environment and seasons of Aotearoa.

Green Funerals

Ake Ake Shrouds are made from 100% biodegradable fibres. The dyeing process uses no chemicals harmful to the earth and make a perfect choice for a natural burial or cremation with or without a casket. 

Cost Effective

I believe a dignified and reverent funeral shouldn't cost the earth. Not just in environmental terms, but also in monetary. The range of Ake Ake shrouds provides low-cost options from $400 up.