artisan funeral shrouds 
hand dyed with botanicals in aotearoa new zealand.

Created naturally with a gentle muted palette and exclusive plant prints for a reverent aesthetic that reflects the local environment and seasons of our country.


dress for eternity
wrapped simply and gently in soft natural fibres, just you and the quiet earth.

Ake Ake Shrouds are made from 100% biodegradable fibres. The dyeing process treads lightly on the earth, no chemicals and zero waste.

A perfect choice for a natural burial or cremation with or without a casket. 

Artisan crafted

Green Funerals

Cost Effective

We believe a dignified and reverent funeral shouldn't cost the earth. Not just in environmental terms, but also in budget. Our range of shrouds provides you cost accessible options. 

Aotearoa Made

Based in the Kaipara region of Northland, Ake Ake shrouds is a New Zealand owned cottage business. In the process of our work we strive to support other local businesses and community initiatives.

Family Led Funerals

A simple design that enables those families who wish it, to participate in wrapping of their loved one in preparation for the funeral. Guidelines on shrouding can be found here.

A Dyeing Art

We offer the option of being involved in the creative journey. Contribute plants meaningful to you into the shroud making, or help to dye a shroud in a hands on workshop. This is art with soul and purpose.



Katerina Spade



brings personal involvement into the ritual of death care that is empowering and immensely uplifting.