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Above the Clouds
Shroud: verb (used with object)
- to wrap or clothe for burial;  enshroud.
- to cover; hide from view.

So, you'd like to be part of the ritual of shrouding, perhaps at home or at the funeral directors. Understandably this may seem daunting, quite likely a first time experience, but remember this: for centuries families personally cared for their deceased in the community, washing and then wrapping the body in cloth. Not until the mid 1800s did people started paying professionals to take care of their dead. Families have slowly become estranged from the funeral practice, we no longer feel comfortable with the idea of handling bodies. However, we have an opportunity to rekindle ownership of the funeral practice just like our ancestors did. With loving support and access to information, we can do it capably, legally and with confidence. 

blah blah empowerment, healing, uplifting.

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