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Shrouding Boards 
Waka Tūpāpaku

For all funerals it is essential that there is a way of carrying the person safely and with dignity. Makes sense right? If you choose shrouding, one option is to be placed within a coffin or casket*. But there is another option available, either as a personal preference or to save on expense. This is the shrouding board, waka tūpāpaku, or carryboard. In this case a coffin is not needed.

Ake Shrouds offers a custom made shrouding board, each one made sustainably and locally in Puhoi. These meet requirements for natural burial, conventional burial and cremation and are earth-safe fully biodegradable.

We personalise the board to suit your budget and aesthetic. Choose from untreated pine or recycled macrocarpa wood. Size is customised to height of the person. Add an optional natural oil or beeswax finish, rails, extra set of carry handles or inlay embellishment as desired. Pricing starts from $250.00 and takes 2-3 weeks to make. We want to this be easy in a time that could be intensely stressful.

The other option is to DIY using good old Kiwi ingenuity, maybe get the coffin club or local Men's Shed involved, or ask around friends. To take the guess work out I can provide guidelines for making your own board on request with any shroud or covering purchase.

*Please note: you are NOT required by NZ law to use a coffin or casket. Most places will be okay if you don't, but some cemetery, crematoria and funeral directors will have policies that require you to do so. I encourage you to discuss their requirements with them, and shop around if need be. 

Example of wooden shrouding board, backing board or carry board.

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