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The road to Kapowairua

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A repository of information to dip in and out of as you navigate the journey through end of life & funeral planning.


why choose a shroud?- puraku-

Have you heard of shroud only funerals. one that takes place without a coffin or casket?

A shroud is essentially a soft coffin, a complete vessel for burial or cremation. In Aotearoa it's perfectly legal and possible to have this. Here are some reasons why you might consider this, the greenest of funeral options. 


Natural Burial

- tāpuke-

A natural or green burial, is simply a burial that that minimises the impact of disposition on the environment. Everything introduced to the site must be 100% biodegradable. Natural burials are legal and possible in New Zealand. 


My Funeral kit

 - he kete tangi-

One of the greatest gifts you can give your family is to communicate your wishes for your own end of life and after death care.⁠ Planning and documenting your preferences will ensure your voice is heard when you can no longer speak for yourself.⁠


Buy Before you die

- 5 reasons -

Your family will thank you for your forward planning.

You have time to become friends with your shroud, after all, you will be together forever.

Your shroud is a grounding reminder to be grateful everyday for this beautiful life as you remember your own mortality.

You'll get exactly what you want! 

It will prompt you to think about what kind of funeral you prefer. Natural or traditional? Burial or cremation? Funeral Director or family led?


dina stander

on shrouding

Dina Stander, poet, shroud-maker, and end-of-life navigator, writes about the beautiful ritual of shrouding for the Green Burial Council blog. Dina brings an eloquence to the topic that will educate and reassure those thinking about shrouding as an option.


family led


Here I have collated some creditable resources relevant for whānau wishing to hold a family led funeral, with or without the assistance of a Funeral Director in Aotearoa New Zealand. It is achievable for family to lead all parts of a funeral providing the few  legal requirements are met. The key is in being informed and prepared. This page has a downloadable PDF file.


Death Cafe

Coming Soon


How do you carry a shrouded person?

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Ice Blocks

Keeping cool

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This page is a work in progress. More topics coming soon 

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